Workshop in Munich - November 2023

Crow brings an innovation workshop down from the mountains into Munich

Are You Looking to Change Your Innovation Game? 

Perhaps you’re frustrated by the limits of so many of the current approaches to creativity and innovation?

Do you also see the profound limits of Design Thinking?

Are you sensing that there must be other more effective ways to innovate?

Every day for the last twenty years, we have felt this frustration ourselves – and every day, we have worked on and worked with others to develop a better way to approach innovation. The result of efforts is an innovation meta-model we call the Innovation Design Approach – it’s a powerful and radically different approach to innovation that focuses on developing the organizational changes needed to foster a resilient innovation ecosystem and culture that can be creative day in and day out:

“A completely new and novel perspective on innovation and the world around you!”

“This approach transcends reactive and constrained approaches purporting to be innovation.” 

“Adaptable innovation methods and models that fit your needs, not squeezing you through a cookie-cutter structure or method.”

Curious, you can read more about what others say about our approach to innovation – but even better:

Workshop in Munich, Germany - Fall 2023:

This fall, 2023, we are packing our bags, leaving our NYC base, and heading to Munich. And we invite you to be one of 20 change-makers joining us from diverse fields to reimagine your or your organization's approaches to creativity and innovation. It’s a really unique immersive opportunity to experience firsthand the power and capabilities of the Innovation Design Approach

We’re planning a highly experiential all-day workshop for you to experience the big picture of innovation and walk away with a set of implementable pragmatic tools and techniques for innovation.

What You Can Expect:

This transformative workshop - On Doing Innovation: From Disruption to Reality, will be an immersive all-day experience – we really have you covered – jump out of bed, grab breakfast, get yourself to downtown Munich and then we’re diving straight into the deep end: 

We begin with an immersive deep dive into the emergent innovation process, where the radically new emerges beyond our capacities to ideate or predict. We’ll use this experience to collectively unpack the total process of how innovation emerges. 

Lunch will come and go in a flash as we dig into how you can pragmatically, concretely, and effectively bring these processes and techniques into your own worlds – both personal and business. 

As the sun sets, we will transition to drinks and tapas for lively discussion and networking with fellow innovation practitioners. 

But no self-respecting workshop ends when everyone departs to go their  separate ways. First, to cement the experience, everyone will receive a robust digital resource guide to all of the key aspects of the workshop, plus a copy of our book Innovating Emergent Futures. And then, we will reconvene virtually on November 27th for a collective debriefing session with a generous Question and Answer period.

“I felt empowered to leave the known small-minded idea-solution-problem thinking behind in favor of paradigm-shifting, disruptive, robust new WORLD”

Curious about what others have gotten from our workshops? Read more from past workshop participants.

Key Take-Aways

Here are some of the key outcomes you can expect:

  • A new actionable framework for radical, disruptive innovation: its specific methods, techniques, tools, and ecosystems. Plus where and how to apply each.
  • Overview of the total innovation landscape, its diverse logics, and how to navigate and produce creative outcomes in its distinct regions.
  • A deep experiential understanding of what innovation processes are so you can innovate across scales, mediums, and interests. 
  • An understanding of what an innovation ecosystem is and how to develop this for your organization’s unique context, goals, and objectives.
  • How and why emergence, context, and system dynamics play a critical, creative role in innovation – and how you can effectively work with these in your practices.
  • What not to do to catalyze innovation

Reserve Your Spot:

If you’d like to join us, please click the button below to reserve your spot. Seats are limited to 20, and some spots are already spoken for, but with your confirmation of interest – we’ll hold your seat and be in touch in a week or so with additional details and an invoice to lock everything in.


Expense the Workshop

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Workshop Details

  • Date: November 7th, 2023
  • Time: 9am-8pm
  • Location: Downtown Munich, Germany - details coming shortly
  • Participants: 20 people 
  • Cost: $1,250 per person - Early bird pricing through August 31, 2023.  $1,500 per person - After September 1st
  • Includes lunch, coffee, snacks, drinks and tapas, a copy of the book and other materials, goodies, and takeaways…
  • Concludes with an online debriefing session on November 27th, 2023

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Innovation is Hard

You know you need to innovate,
but no one shows you how- till now

The Innovation Design Approach is leadership's blueprint for organizational innovation. Detailing the why and how to innovate across inter-disciplinary teams using approaches, tools, and practices.