Innovating Emergent Futures

The Innovation Design Approach for Change and Worldmaking

A Book that Disrupts Innovation

It is with great joy that we present the innovation book: Innovating Emergent Futures - The Innovation Design Approach for Change and Worldmaking. A book born of immense frustration from superficial approaches to creativity and innovation. This book challenges all the standard assumptions about creativity, innovation and design and offers an entirely new approach to radical innovation as novel worldmaking.

“Innovating Emergent Futures is a hands on approach, and a set of tools and practices that delivers novel paradigm shifts, transforms thinking, fosters an innovation culture, produces radically creative outcomes, disrupts fields, and empowers you to make new worlds possible — it is a total re-invention of innovation”
~ Petia Morozov founder of Design Shed

Yes, it's a Real Book – for Innovation!

Tired of wasting time and money buying 300-page business and innovation books that should have been at most a 20-page blog post?

We’ve been there many times — so we get it — the world of business and innovation books is a wasteland of overhyped filler and pointless cliches delivered with that fake Ted-talk world changing profundity.

Innovating Emergent Futures is not another one of those self-aggrandizing innovation books. It is loaded with actionable insights that will empower any project, company or organization to disruptively innovate, develop novel worlds and solutions, and embed an ecosystem of innovation across an organization.

Backed by Innovation Science

Innovating Emergent Futures is more than a book about innovation. It’s jam-packed with historical and philosophical understandings of innovation and creativity leveraging scientific insights from Embodied Cognition, Complex Systems Theory, New Materialism, Evolutionary Theory, the Ontological Turn in Anthropology and much more to actually make you a more impactful innovator.

The book doubles as an innovation workbook. Walking you step by step through the award winning innovation Design Approach providing an in-depth blueprint for you the reader to co-evolve novel innovations, paradigmatic change and a transformative differentiation.

“Their approach to innovation is truly transformative and has a profound and lasting impact” 
~ Dennis Bone, former President of Verizon New Jersey

20+ Years of Innovation Research

Yes we teach at a university, but this book is not the product of academic studies far removed from the real world. This is what we’ve learnt in the field. We’ve prototyped countless versions of it globally over the last decade, and built it on 20+ years of cutting-edge field research, testing, and development - it has been used to transformatively engage the most vexing challenges of the 21st century, develop alternative business models, and new fields of possibility.

Years in the making - prototypes of Innovating Emergent Futures

How Can this Innovation Book Help You?

Everyone agrees that innovation is the pillar of a successful business. 

And there are many innovation management books out there that focus on the importance of innovation. They focus on the principles of innovation. The virtues of an innovative organization. That innovation can diffuse and insulate an endeavor from its competitors. And many take the easy way out focusing on ideation.

We agree – all of these points and elements of innovation are critical to an organization's success. 

But the majority of these innovation books don’t answer the question they leave us asking: how do you innovate? 

Innovating Emergent Futures is the answer. It’s how to innovate.

It’s practical innovation methods are based on philosophy, backed by science and offer an innovation process consisting of a series of tasks, tools, and questions to innovate. Anything. Products, services, social challenges, climate crisis’, and beyond. 

The Innovation Design Approach is an innovation playbook for teams and organizations that don’t want to talk about the importance of innovation. They want to innovate novel solutions to their most vexing problems.

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Inside — The Book is Innovative:

We spent a lot of time crafting an innovation playbook as innovative and dynamic as the content:

  • 319 Pages of innovation philosophy AND approaches
  • 185 Diagrams Hand-drawn diagrams to enhance your vision of possibilities
  • 83 Glossary definitions
  • 74 Activities and questions
  • 64 Tips and suggestions to level up your innovation efforts
  • 27 Enhanced images and explanations
  • 15 Practices to generate novel innovations
  • 6 Tools for Innovation to get you started
  • 4 Tasks: The Innovation Design Approach is broken down into 4 major tasks
  • 4 Hacks so you can begin from anywhere

BONUS - buy directly on this site (instead of Amazon) and we'll send you the innovation book PDF version immediately, along with special access to bonus material. You can get started reading right now as we gently package your book, serenade it with innovation blessings and ask our fearless postal workers to hand deliver your book - straight to your door. Note: This digital PDF is not available anywhere else.

20-Page Money Back Guarantee

If you find this book fails to deliver less than. 20 pages of value - any 20-pages - not just the first 20-pages - we will refund your purchase.

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Don't Have Time to Read?

Don't have time to read the book? Or you need help integrating the Innovation Design Approach into your organization? We have you covered.

Contact Us - we're not just authors of creativity and innovation books, but strategic innovation consultants. Emergent Futures Lab is an innovation consultancy that delivers talks and workshops from a half-day to several days, and consulting over the course of an extended project or more.

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“I learned how powerful it is to combine structured innovation frameworks with disruptive out of box thinking methods and inspiration from every field of knowledge, science, technology, and arts. I consider this one of the best innovation books of 2021.”
~ Bernhard Weber - Managing Director @ Unicorn

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