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Emergent Futures Lab

We’re Emergent Futures Lab – a strategic innovation consulting firm focused on radical innovation.

Some refer to us as “Blue Sky” consultants. That stuffs us into a box. We don’t like boxes. We prefer to tear the box up and create entirely new spaces of possibility. Because our award winning innovation program is more than just creating product differentiation and inventing new markets.

We help make all types of innovation happen. From co-evolving new paradigms to developing transformative innovation cultures. We are passionate about evolving existing products and services in unintended novel ways, and how we can use radical innovation to meet our 21st century challenges from social to the climate crisis.

The fact is, we get fired up about one thing: How to Innovate.

Sure, we spend our free time deconstructing innovations to understand where and why products, services and markets evolve and flourish while others wither into irrelevance.

But what gets us up every morning is working with people and companies to innovate meaningful solutions.

Let’s connect and innovate something beautiful together,
Iain Kerr and Jason Frasca
Emergent Futures Lab

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