What Our
Clients Say

“We did so much together and I've watched the 'magic' that occurred so many times when they worked with students and organizations. Their approach to innovation is truly transformative and has a profound and lasting impact on clients.”

Dennis Bone

Former President @ Verizon New Jersey

"It's a set of tools and practices that delivers novel
paradigm shifts, transforms thinking, fosters an innovation
culture, produces radically creative outcomes, disrupt fields,
empowers you to rethink questions, and make new worlds
possible - it's a total re-invention of innovation"

Petia Morozov

Founder @ DesignShed

“Working with Jason and Iain was transformative. I learned how powerful it is to combine structured innovation frameworks with disruptive out of box thinking methods and inspiration from every field of knowledge, science, technology, and arts. It’s a great honor to collaborate with them.”

Bernhard Weber

Managing Director @ Unicorn

"Jason and Iain are two very opposite people. They have completely different skill sets, talents and personalities. When they work together, those differences meld into something magical, where all those different strengths become a sum much bigger than its many parts.

Jason and Iain also push each other to produce the best outcomes for their clients. I have seen firsthand the radical transformations Iain and Jason produce, as the lightbulb moment clicks with their clients, who see how innovation can improve their organizations. Jason and Iain are also personable and easy to work with. You can't go wrong in hiring them."

Sharon Waters

Founder @ Waters Strategies

on What Is Innovation, and How to Innovate

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