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Emergent Futures Lab is an international innovation consultancy based outside New York City. We help organizations build resilient and adaptable ecosystems that foster spontaneous and organic innovation.

Our Primary Practice Has a Twofold Logic:

  1. As innovation collaborators, we start by working one-on-one with senior executives to disclose, explore and challenge organizational innovation assumptions.
  2. This progresses to collaboratively developing alternative approaches that focus on designing the appropriate ecosystemic conditions such that an organization can evolve towards organically generating meaningful innovations on an ongoing basis.

Catalyzing Conversations:

We work in 6-month engagements that begin with video conference sessions ranging from one to three hours.

The initial two months most often focus on bi-weekly conversations designed to disclose organizational habits, practices, and challenges in order to develop initial probes and engagements to test the organization's innovation ecosystem.

Thereafter meetings evolve to collaboratively develop concrete interventions that advance and strategically shift the organizational ecosystem towards innovation goals and objectives.

These custom interventions might take the form of specialized listening and visioning sessions, changes in institutional practices/organizational structures, workshops on developing/learning new innovation techniques, instituting new tools and habits, changes in spatial architecture, the development of new institutional frameworks, and custom synchronous and or asynchronous curricula.

Our interventions are collaboratively developed, strategic, dynamic, responsive, and iterative – drawing upon the logic of our Innovation Design Approach, which is rooted in the philosophy and science of emergence.

The goal for Emergent Futures Lab is to assist you in transitioning your organization into a resilient, adaptable, and self-sustaining innovation ecosystem – and, ultimately, to put ourselves out of a job.

Our consulting approach is best suited for senior executives in medium-to-large organizations that are mission-driven. Occasionally, we’ll work with individuals and leaders at smaller companies and startups.

If you think we're a match - please send us an email, we'd welcome the opportunity to chat and learn more about you and your innovation challenges.

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