Definition of Change in Degree

What is Change in Degree

Change in degree is an iterative, incremental change.

Qualities of change in degree

Change in degree is sometimes referred to as continuous development, or improvement. 

Change in degree is what we experience in our daily lives – everything is a slight variation – the coffee is hotter or colder, stronger or weaker… It is a form of change that can be quantified: more or less something. It involves continuity, it is probabilistic and expands on what already exists (world expanding).

Change in degree does involve novelty but it is in degree.

Example of Change in Degree

An example of a change in degree is the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 13, 13 Plus, 14, 14 Max and on…

There are many existing formalized practices for working with change in degree (Design Thinking is one example).

When one pushes things quantitatively far enough they cross a threshold into becoming something qualitatively different. A hill becomes a mountain, a stool becomes a bed… In this manner change in degree is connected to change in kind.

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