45 Highlights from 45 Innovation & Creativity Newsletters

45 innovation lessons from 45 newsletters

A list of 45 Highlights extracted from 45 Innovation & Creativity Newsletters...

1. Begin anywhere...
2. But work from the middle
3. Test across multiple scales
4. Engage the agency of every variable in your collaborative process
5. Probe the system with semi-reversible interventions
6. Follow embodied hunches
7. Engage, create, & experiment far more than ideate
8. Experimentally play with variables while searching for thresholds
9. Follow what arises in experiments
10. Sense and articulate the logic of the “whole”
11. Allow objects to lead as innovators
12. Look for unintended features outside category effects
13. Habitual patterns constrain thinking in new and creative ways
14. Thinking takes place outside the head.
15. Embrace your consciousness as the activity of nonlinearity married to brain-body-environment systems
16. Break the cycle for human-centered models of creativity are responsible for human-caused radical environmental change
17. The question for innovation is not “is it actually useful (and good/sustainable/etc)”? But what world does it change?
18. Innovation isn't about solutions for problems & then seeing it through
19. New problems can be invented in concrete and practical ways by changing the assemblage and what it affords
20. Inventing problems is a critical component of any innovation process
21. Problems are not abstract things — they are actual worldly things
22. Creativity is neither innate nor learned
23. Newness is first felt before being fully conceptualized
24. The most wondrous expansive creative questions: “What can it do? And what else can it do?”
25. Thinking does not occur “in” the head but is fully embodied and deeply entangled with an environment and tools.
26. Our habits, practices, tools, concepts, and environments all have a history that shapes us toward certain ends.
27. Problems contain their answers
28. Get out of your traditional environment to do things differently
29. We are blind and thoughtless in the face of the new
30. To develop something new, you must first know what you are & what you are doing
31. Join a pirate project a set of experimental practices that pushes a system toward a qualitatively new state
32. Experimentally “walk” the terrain.
33. Ideation is finite. Emergence is infinite.
34. Creativity is aberrant — wild, emergent, and wholly relational
35. Creativity is an assemblage. Not a nested hierarchy.
36. Creativity Begins by Acknowledging Other worlds are Possible
37. Experimentally block processes that give rise to key aspects of the whole
38. Co-evolve with your experiments
39. Consider the total field of potentials
40. Maintain an open approach of curiosity
41. Suppress the desire to latch onto single solutions
42. Context is everything but never the only thing
43. Look beyond the purpose of the thing
44. Everything is an exaptation; nothing evolved for its purpose
45. Innovation is a long slow process

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