Emergent Futures Lab is Coming to Minneapolis!

Emergent Futures Lab row flies into the Twin Cities

We are excited to share that we are coming to Minneapolis to conduct a 1-day Transformative Innovation Workshop on June 5th, 2023: On Doing Innovation: From Disruption to Reality.

Here's The Plan: 

We’re gathering 20 change-makers from diverse fields who are frustrated by Design Thinking and are interested in reimagining their or their organization's creative practices. We’ll spend a day together diving deeply into our Innovation Design Approach for creativity and early-stage innovation. It’ll be a highly immersive and experiential all-day workshop. We’ve designed every aspect of the experience to support and foster your learning of new innovation practices alongside a community of like-minded practitioners.

What You Will Experience and Learn:

This transformative and experiential workshop will focus on a new way to approach creativity and innovation – with an emphasis on early-stage and disruptive forms of innovation. Yes, that means together, we will concentrate on the really hard parts of innovation and creativity where the genuinely new and novel possibilities emerge.  

We will traverse the disruptive innovation process from beginning to end in the image of Emergent Futures Lab ethos: Doing. Action. Making. Providing you the opportunity to experience and absorb the process firsthand for greater impact on your work and maximum absorption of these powerful innovation tools.  

After this immersive deep dive into the innovation process, we will collectively unpack the experience and layout systematically how innovation happens. 

And finally, we’ll dig into how you can pragmatically, concretely, and effectively bring this process and these techniques into your own worlds – both personal and business. 

We end the day with a special dinner for deeper discussion and to foster a community of innovation practitioners.  Everyone will leave with a copy of our book Innovating Emergent Futures and a digital resource guide to all of the key aspects of the workshop. To cement our experience together, we will reconvene a couple of weeks later via video conference for a collective debriefing session with a generous Q and A period.

Key Questions Answered + Takeaways

Here are some of the key questions we will answer and the key learning outcomes you can expect to takeaway.

If you want to expense this workshop through your company you can copy and paste these takeaways and learning outcomes in an email to your boss:

  • A pragmatic overview of the total innovation landscape, it's diverse logics, and how to navigate and produce creative outcomes in its distinct regions.
  • What are the key forms of creativity/innovation? What are the distinct techniques associated with each? How do we best apply these tools strategically for disruption and novelty?
  • A deep experiential understanding of what innovation is and the total innovation process so you can innovate across scales, mediums, and interests. 
  • A new actionable framework for early-stage disruptive innovation: its specific methods, techniques, tools, and ecosystems. Plus, where and how to apply each.
  • How and why emergence, context, and system dynamics play a critical, creative role in innovation – and how can we effectively work with these in our practices.
  • An understanding of what an innovation ecosystem is and how to develop this for your unique context, goals, and objectives.
  • What not to do to catalyze early-stage disruptive innovation

What Others Say About Our Workshops

  • “[I felt] …Empowered to leave the known small-minded idea-solution-problem thinking behind in favor of paradigm-shifting, disruptive, robust new WORLD development.”
  • “[This approach] …Transcends reactive and constrained approaches purporting to be innovation.” 
  • “Adaptable innovation methods and models that fit your needs, not squeezing you through a cookie-cutter structure or method.”
  • “A completely new and novel perspective on innovation and the world around you!”

Read more from past workshop participants.

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Reserve Your Spot:

Are you interested in being “empowered to leave the known” – to “transcend reactive and constrained approaches” – and learn effective new methods and frameworks for creativity and innovation?

If you’d like to join us, please click the button below to reserve your spot. We’ll hold your seat and be in touch in a week or so with additional details and an invoice to lock everything in.

Seats are limited to 20 and 4 have already committed - so 16 spots remain.

If you know of anyone in the area who could benefit from this workshop - please share it with them.

Have questions? Send us a message.

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Workshop Details

On Doing Innovation: From Disruption to Reality – A Workshop

  • Date: June 5th, 2023
  • Approximate time: 9a-7:30p
  • Location: Downtown Minneapolis - location coming shortly
  • Participants: 20 people max. 16 spots remaining.
  • Cost: $2,000 per person - Early bird pricing through March 31, 2023
  • Cost: $2,500 per person - April 1st onward… 
  • All-day workshop broken down into 4 sprints (detailed below)
  • Sprint 1: Experimentation
  • Sprint 2: Novel Paradigm Development
  • Sprint 3: Unpacking, Translating and Customizing
  • Sprint 4: Dinner 
  • Includes lunch, coffee, snacks, dinner, a copy of the book and other materials, goodies and takeaways…
  • Concludes with an online debrief  Q&A 2-3 weeks after the workshop

Here is a Breakdown of the Workshop and What to Expect:

On Doing Innovation: From Disruption to Reality – A Workshop

This workshop is designed specifically to introduce participants to a new approach and set of highly effective techniques for early-stage disruptive innovation: the Innovation Design Approach.

Why? Early-stage radical innovation requires very different approaches and techniques than any other type of innovation. Many of the most common approaches to innovation, like Design Thinking, are only effective in the later or incremental stages of innovation. 

This all-day workshop is specifically designed to be an immersive, hands-on experiential deep dive into the innovation process that Emergent Futures Lab has developed over many years of research and field testing. This process, The Innovation Design Approach, is a highly unique and highly effective methodology for early-stage innovation. By the end of this workshop, participants will understand the why, the how, and the when of these unique techniques to begin to develop their own effective context-specific innovation ecosystem for disruptive change-making.

Participants will engage in a unique, highly immersive, and interactive workshop that takes them experimentally through the process via four sprints:

Sprint 1: Experimentation

  • Introduction: Why do we need a specific approach to early-stage disruptive innovation?
  • Diving In: Begin by focusing on experimental practices for developing radical novelty: A series of unique and powerful iterative techniques for innovation are introduced and tested. 
  • Iterative learning: Participants in teams run through an iterative process to go from the known to the unknown and emerge with radical novelty.

Sprint 2: Novel Paradigm Development

  • Introduction: How does one transform radical novelty into a genuinely novel paradigmatic different approach?
  • Diving in: Our innovation journey continues, and the teams begin the process of transforming their novel outcomes into novel frameworks that can support disruptive novel approaches to key 21st-century issues.
  • Iterative Learning: Participants develop a novel paradigm into a speculative world via a set of iterative tools.

Sprint 3: Unpacking, Translating, and Customizing

  • Unpacking: via an engaging discussion, we will unpack and synthesize the total process of the Innovation Design Approach. Participants will receive a booklet detailing the process, and further resources will be discussed.
  • Translating and Customization:  Ample time will be given over to a strategic and practical discussion of how to convert, customize and transform the general methodology to specific contexts of participants.
  • Concluding: We will review and summarize the workshop addressing final questions and reminding participants of what innovation requires of them and what they experienced. 

Sprint 4: Dinner – Informal Unpacking and Discussion

  • Dinner is set in an informal setting that is ideal for circulation, networking, and discussion.
  • Good creative food and drinks in a creative setting.
  • Time to mingle and talk
  • We will close the day with some thoughts on next steps and how to go further.

Follow-Up: An Online Debrief Discussion

  • At a collectively agreed upon time two to three weeks after the event, we will host an online follow-up conversation and q&a.
  • This is an opportunity to unpack the experience after reflection, address questions that have arisen, and discuss applications toward work.
  • It is also designed as an opportunity to foster a regional community of innovation practitioners.
  • We will answer questions and give further suggestions for how to concretize innovation practices in your specific contexts.
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Innovation is Hard

You know you need to innovate,
but no one shows you how- till now

The Innovation Design Approach is leadership's blueprint for organizational innovation. Detailing the why and how to innovate across inter-disciplinary teams using approaches, tools, and practices.