How Can We Be Creative?

If we pause to look around our environment we will see creativity is all around us. And if we look more deeply we ca see the environments creativity is the answer to: how can we be creative?

Creativity does not start in our heads and flows out into ideas that give shape to things. Creativity flows up from the world and through us.

What happens when we reorient and relocate our human creative practices to be part and arising from the creativity of reality?

Possibilities spring to life -- we leave the narrow confines of debating marginally creative sticky notes and hypothetical trends to step outside into a world buzzing with novelty.

We wrote an article Reality is Creative that explores the environments creativity as the answer to being more creative.

For us, this reorientation is not simply philosophical or ethical -- it is practical:
Understanding and connecting to deep creativity is how real change emerges.

The world around us is spontaneously organizing into novel forms, states and patterns. These are us and flow through us.

Our collective actions trigger systems and materials into new states.

These provocations are felt as hunches that trigger further action, and as systems stabilize concepts emerge.

Understanding these concepts as techniques to be more creative is fundamental to answering the question: how can we be creative?

How has your sense of creativity changed as you challenged our human-centered, brain-centered biases?

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