Innovation Workshop at Montclair Design Week 2021

Montclair Design Week + Emergent Futures Lab = An innovation workshop that will blow your hair back! + Free books!

Thrilled to announce Emergent Futures Lab is leading an innovation workshop next week in conjunction with Montclair Design Week 2021.

If you can make it out to northern NJ — come join us in Montclair on Tuesday October 5th 4-5:30pm (location below).

In less than an hour we’ll plunge headlong into the power of embodied and emergent approaches to innovation by developing a novel world.

We’ll examine one of humanity's most vexing challenges where your mindset will shift from solution thinking to problem inventing.

You’ll walk away with a set of innovation tools and skills you can immediately apply to any innovation challenge (product, service, experience) you are working through.

After the workshop we will be giving away a few books and hanging out to discuss all things innovation and worldmaking — so please come join! (And if you can’t tell a friend who might be in this neck of the woods…)

Here’s the hard facts that will get you to us:
Location: 641 Bloomfield Avenue (Montclair Design Week hub)
Time: 4 -5:30pm

Special thanks to Designshed for including us!

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