Emergent Futures Lab Launches Website

Dear Friends and Colleagues — we are really excited to share that after 5+ years of working on developing our techniques, practices and concepts of creativity and innovation in stealth mode we are finally ready to go public.

We are launching an innovation design consultancy: Emergent Futures Lab and a whole new website with great content on invention, creativity, innovation, worldmaking and much else.

Why are we doing this now? While we are not alone in recognizing that there is a real need for genuinely innovative responses to our most pressing issues — the real issue is how. And basically, we’ve become fed up with innovation consultants and others who traffic in glorified brainstorming sessions and expensive idea management systems. We also know so many who feel similarly — brainstorming is not innovation, design thinking is deeply conservative, trend forecasting has nothing to do with the new, and a management system is a very expensive distraction. It is time to change the conversation and to do so with tangible processes and tools that do generate genuine novelty.

With this foremost in mind we will be regularly posting on LinkedIn and Blogging on the Emergent Futures Lab website. Right now there is already great content on: What is Innovation, and How to Innovate. Take a look, reach out to us, and join the discussion as we post!

And — we would love to work with you: we at Emergent Futures Lab are an innovation consultancy located in New Jersey just outside of New York City. Right now we’ve been working with a broad range of international clients across multiple industries and organizations focusing on social and environmental urgencies.

Let’s talk soon!

Iain and Jason

on What Is Innovation, and How to Innovate

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