Preview: Keynote Presentation - Creating Radical Breakthrough Innovation

Jason Frasca & Iain Kerr preview Emergent Futures Lab KeyNote Presentation at IRDG annual conference 2022

If you are in Ireland, and you're curious about new approaches to innovation — please join us on November 22nd, 2022 for what we hope will be a great discussion. AND — if you want to really get into things, please join us the day before for a WORKSHOP!

Listen to Iain Kerr and Jason Frasca live from New York City as they give an insight into what you can expect from their keynote speech covering the 5 Myths of Innovation at this year’s IRDG annual conference in the Lyrath Estate on the 22 November.

The title of their talk is “Creating Radical Breakthrough Innovation” and by the end of it they promise you’ll walk away with these three things:
1.    Validation that innovation can be confusing and that some of the tools you are currently using just aren’t good enough.
2.    A research-backed alternative approach to innovation with a framework and set of tools that simplify the entire innovation process.
3.    A way to develop your own innovation eco-system within your organization.

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Innovation is Hard

You know you need to innovate,
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The Innovation Design Approach is leadership's blueprint for organizational innovation. Detailing the why and how to innovate across inter-disciplinary teams using approaches, tools, and practices.