Definition of Process

What is a Process?

Reality is composed of processes.

Nothing is simply a discrete object.

Everything comes into being via a process, stays in existence via other process, and transforms out of being via yet other processes. To innovate is to see, think, and live processes.

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  2. Volume 49: Cutting into Processes: We took a multi-dimensional look at process.
  3. Volume 50: Processes begin in the Middle: Rethinking the lines and the dots of process diagrams and looking at the relational whole and how it makes the lines and dots that made it.
  4. Volume 51: Processes: The Astonishment of Feedback: Introducing feedback — its history and fundamental strangeness. What it is, and its two forms. Why it is important to rethinking creative processes.
  5. Volume 52: Feeding Forward — the process takes over: We introduced the concept of feedforward and epicycles as key concepts for how an innovation emerges in a more-than-human manner.
  6. Volume 53: Into and Beyond Paradigms: Can the logic of Paradigm Change help us understand from a process perspective how creative change happens? We critically explore this question.

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