Jason Frasca
Jason Frasca
“A & R, my friends..."

Jason is a native New Yorker — born and raised in the New York City metro, worked in and around every borough, and pretty much seen everything the city does from the back of his motorbike.

Really from birth, Jason has been an urban innovator, sleuth of futures bubbling up in the sidewalk cracks, and anthropologist of everyday lives.

Since childhood Jason has been hacking systems and imaginatively speculating on alternative futures — he likes to say that he was the family innovation consultant by the time he got to preschool. These formative experiences led him to become an entrepreneurial business executive, marketing, and sales professional managing Fortune 500 and nationally recognized clients in many diverse sectors of the economy from direct marketing, non-profit, entrepreneurship, startups, private investigations, insurance, and international law. In each of these sectors, he brought systemic and transformative innovation that combined astute trend analysis and the right level of disruptive envisioning to push companies into blue ocean spaces.

Because of his unique approach and diverse experience midway through all of this Jason was recruited to higher ed to become part of the core faculty to invent a new entrepreneurship and innovation program. He envisioned and brought the first maker space to a school of business and began a renaissance in how entrepreneurship, innovation, and design are taught in business schools.

From being a pioneer to now part of developing a movement to transform innovation education in general Jason has put people, the planet, and meaningful innovation at the heart of his approach to teaching. On almost any given day Jason can be found collaborating with colleagues deconstructing complex problems and providing a systems design approach to the collective invention of new possibilities. In his role as an academic Jason has worked on program-level curriculum development, invented new ways to teach students via intensives, international retreats, immersive travel programs, long-term mentorship, and transformed the infrastructure of the school.

When asked about what is key to his approach and success Jason likes to say “A & R, my friends — A and R...” Anthropology and Research: “If you're not paying attention to real people, real communities, and their unique ways of being in the world — nothing you do will work or even be worth doing… and if this isn’t connected to an innovative approach to qualitative data — you're just spinning your wheels…”

From those rough and tumble days in New York City to the innovation consultant of today Jason has dedicated his career to designing radically innovative technology solutions and processes for companies, communities, and ecosystems with a visionary and pragmatic mindset that has yielded massive results with limited resources.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Now, how about you? Would be great to work together and change the world... drop me a line or let's connect on LinkedIn.

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