Design Thinking Is Just the Best Branded Methodology

Sticky notes for Design thinking

Design thinking doesn’t produce radical innovation... It's just the best branded methodology for creativity and innovation.

Reality is - Design Thinking isn't unique.

And it's not the first to incorporate humans and empathy into design.

Nor is it the best human centered design methodology.

But the masses naturally gravitate to it as the best and only form of responsive design.

Because Design Thinking is just the best branded and most successfully commercialized version of the multiplicity of methodologies coming out of the responsive design movement.

And this brand awareness has led it to be confused with effective tools for radical innovation.

Design Thinking is explicitly a problem solving approach:

Design thinkers discover what the real problem is in the first step of their method and then spend the next three steps — and most of their time – developing a viable solution.

Dealing explicitly in what is known inhibits what is possible.

The problem itself must be invented to generate novelty.

Design Thinking, human centered design, and all forms of responsive design with their methodology of soliciting the problem and then focusing on solving it, have, without even realizing it, missed the possibility of being radically innovative.

It's time for a worldly, holistic approach to innovation.

For radical innovation.

So you can take your projects beyond what already exists.

To differentiate your outcomes.
To differentiate your innovations.
To differentiate how you can help clients.

So you yourself, all your work, and your business can be differentiated and novel.

Let's get beyond what's best branded and discover an alternative approach to innovation design.

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