Fall in Love with the Problem, Not the Solution

Crow wants you to fall in love with the problem not the solution

It's best to fall in love with a problem you're willing to wrestle with for decades over preconceived answers to solutions that pass faster than jelly shoes.

For Dynamic Opportunity Beyond Linear Answers

Problems petition paradigmatic change
Solutions strike singular remains

Problems trumpet opportunities
Solutions whisper answers

Problems are of the commons
Solutions are of the individual

Problems are infinite
Solutions are finite

Problems are egoless
Solutions are ego

Problems are emergent
Solutions are ownership

Problems guard against known outcomes
Solutions are confirmation bias

Problems march us into the unknown
Solutions chain us to what exists

Problems are open-ended loops to be explored, infinitely
Solutions are closed loops in and of isolation

Problems encourage us to test, experiment and learn
Answers encourage us to be done

Problems liberate us to collaborate, partner and co-conspire with others
Solutions bind us to the ideas and visions inside of our heads

Problems are followed to possibility and beyond
Solutions lead us to limited ends

Falling in love with the problem is a life explored.
Solutions are a perpetual search for the next best thing.

♥️ Fall in love with the problem.

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