Disruptive Innovation Book Excerpt: from Innovating Emergent Futures

Sharing an excerpt from our disruptive innovation book: Innovating Emergent Futures: The Innovation Design Approach to Change and Worldmaking.

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We offer here pages 6-7 for an inside look into our approach to creativity and innovation:

Innovation, invention, and all forms of creativity are journeys. More than that they are strange journeys where the path — never mind the destination — does not exist prior to you starting out on the journey.

Then when an invention begins to take form, that too is only a beginning — invention never ceases — it is fundamentally excessive in every way. Creativity and invention are strange exemplary unprecedented and generative events that ultimately make us.

Innovation is about experimentally engaging with this excessive change (novelty, difference, the new, etc. — whatever you wish to call it), and understanding that it, like all change, is a unique aesthetic, ethical and political event with unknowable consequences...


  • Are you a community group striving to design for good?
  • Are you an entrepreneurial team with an idea you wish to develop?
  • Are you an artist collective wishing to deepen your practice?
  • Are you a farmer wishing to change farming?
  • Do you already have an invention and wish to see what its capacities really are?
  • Are you a business wondering how to innovate a radically new approach?
  • Are you a design professional frustrated by the limits of your current practice?
  • Are you a regional government faced with a seemingly intractable problem?

A Book for Disruptive Innovation

This book comes out of our engagement with these issues and many other related questions.

And so we say: This book on disruptive innovation is for those who have a curiosity for seeking, doing and being part of evolving transformative differences.

It is a book that only makes sense and comes alive if you use it with others as a disruptive innovation tool, for real change.

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