How to Create Novel, Disruptive Innovations

4 tasks of the Innovation Design Approach

How to create novel, disruptive innovations...

A step-by-step process for innovation:

Phase 1 - Engage:
Pick an area of interest. Actively immerse yourself in its world(s) and systems looking at and for intra-dependency, belonging and open embedded engagement. Notice patterns, trends, and trajectories. You are staging an encounter.

Phase 2 - Disclose:
Research the system and world it's a part of; Google is not enough.
Via deep engagement (phase one), disclose the underlying logic, habits, patterns, paradigms and world of your area of interest. Uncover multiple qualitatively different modes and pathways. In this activity, notice unintended potentialities of solutions and practices.

Phase 3 - Deviate:
Disruptive Innovation begins by blocking critical aspects of an existing world, paradigm, and / or habitual practices.
Blocking is a commitment to leaving what is already being done behind.

- Block 1-3 for a bit of uniqueness.
- Block 4-7 variables for significant difference.
- Block all the variables for a complete disruption of the system.

Then via an iterative, open, experimental, embodied, and physically grounded process of deviation, evolve a radically new world or paradigm, habits and patterns.

Phase 4 - Emerge:
Develop your novel world (emerging from the previous phases.) Probe, experiment, test and iteratively co-evolve with end-users to collectively realize a concrete specific outcome.

- Bring to market.
- Iterate and evolve

In summary:
- Pick an area of interest
- Research all there is to know about it
- Block what exists and how others are solving it
- Experiment and probe to develop a useful concrete outcome with users

Here's to your disruptive innovations...

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