When Innovation Happens Worlds Are Made

Salamander jumping in a pond

When innovation happens, problems are not solved — worlds are made.

A Speculation

Consider how bizarre it is to approach being alive in a manner that focuses nearly exclusively on solving problems.

Is everything really in need of being solved?

Is there an imagined point when everything is solved?

What are the ethics of imagining everyone and everything is a type of project to be transformed— to be “solved”?

Taken as a worldview this is a fundamentally destructive approach to reality in the guise of being helpful.

The ethics of innovation does not need to be this way.

What we make and do need not act as “solutions” to “problems” but openings to ways of being alive. Making is worldmaking.

An Example

The environmental crisis is not a problem to be solved. The environmental crisis is a complex event to be engaged creatively to develop new ways of being alive that produce new modes of multi-species thriving.

This is the ethics and aesthetics of worldmaking.

Innovation is Hard

You know you need to innovate,
but no one shows you how- till now

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