You Are of a World Where Other Worlds Are Possible

Creativity pawns new worlds
Crows Emerge from Creativity Revealing New Worlds

In the midst of radical challenges like industrial global environmental destruction the poverty of our imagination (we can only imagine what we know) holds us back. Proposed solutions change nothing (but our energy source, for example). We imagine countless discreet “fixes” but rarely sense that other worlds are possible.

But other ways of being alive exist — indigenous communities, movements, and cosmologies make this very clear.

These worlds exist at the far edge of our knowing (they are not simply variations of our wishes and imaginings).  

CreatIvity Is Alternative World Making

Creativity is alternative world making (beyond what we can imagine).
To say “other worlds exist” and “other worlds are possible” is a call to creative action that challenges who we are, what we do, and what we know. In the face of widespread ecological destruction, and radical inequity, creativity cannot be about putting old wine in new (innovative) bottles.

But, how do we really sense this? How do we begin to work on changing the world we are “of”?

Do we even sense that we are of a world? How do we recognize that we see, think, feel, and be in specific ways that emerge from a set of habits, practices, and environments?

Yesterday we wrote a short article Propositions and Exercises for a New Creativity where we proposed a simple exercise to help us begin to sense what it means to “be of a world.”

Take a look and try it out. Let us know what emerges.

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