Definition of Disclose

What is Disclose?

The first of two critical tasks for early stage disruptive innovation is Disclose.

Disclose involves two questions:

  1. What are the underlying logics?
  2. What are unintended affordances that might offer a starting point for Deviation?

Another Way to Say Disclose is Disclosure

We have to “know” to refuse the known. But what is it that we need to know to block to move us toward doing-thinking differently? Is it never enough to know and block the explicit features, the primary use of something, or its general form. Everything explicit relies on a vast set of unspoken, tacit assumptions and structures– an apparatus. So, to return to the question of “how might it be to think or act differently”? We need to go beyond what can be explicitly stated or known to enactively disclose and block a way of being alive. In short, disclosure needs to uncover the implicit and the tacit. we need to go beyond disclosing and blocking the obvious and what can be put into clear concepts.

Here we can follow the ontological turn in anthropology: what we are disclosing and potentially blocking is a “world” for the sake of exploring the potentiality that “other worlds are possible”.

And in disclosing a world – we need to focus our disclosure equally on tools, practices, concepts, and environments. We need to start with understanding how things make us, – and this will be something that cannot be put fully into words – what we disclose and block as part of a creative practice will need to be things, environments, practices, and concepts. 

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