Definition of Experiment

What is Experiment?

How do we do things experimentally? Stop asking “what is it?” In terms of creativity it does not matter “what it is.” What matters for an experimental approach is: What can it do?  

This is curiosity in a nutshell -- to keep asking of things and events what else can you do? And what else can you do?  This can only happen by doing  -- not just thinking.

Things will surprise you when you push them beyond their supposed purpose. (Your chair is a tool for scraping and these glorious scraping sounds are the beginning of a new musical genre...). Things will rupture your comfortable assumptions about what they “are” (they are, in fact, doing it all the time -- we just choose to ignore them).

Asking “what is it?” sends you back into the past and the known (the dictionary of good and proper definitions). “What can it do?” ask you to put things into new contexts, environments and connections -- into creative play -- now you are in the middle of a relational and experimentally open question.

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