Definition of Speed

What is speed?

Radical change (qualitative transformations) can happen across multiple speeds. Speeding up and slowing down are both powerful actions in the creative process that can provoke changes in habitual patterns. Here it's an experimental question of “how fast?” or “how slow?” does something need to happen to push it across a qualitative threshold.

But speed and slowness can be also considered in regards to how system stabilize and calcify into well established patterns. Slow can become the logic of stabilization, development and expansion (quantitative change). While speed can be that of an intensive change – tipping points and the non-metric logic of qualitative change.  

Creativity as a process is always playing across multiple speeds and slownesses and pushing against them.

Creative processes are always inventing new forms of time that move in and out of measurable time. The novel event – the novel emergent becoming is inseparable from new forms of time.

A critical aspect of working with and for creative processes as novelty emerges is attunement to its novel temporalities – its new speeds and slownesses. (You will need a new clock…)

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