What is Innovation? A Process...

Map of an innovation process

Ideas condemn innovation processes to failure. Ideation has significant limits for early-stage radical innovation as ideas are rooted in what is known and exists.

An innovation process that yields radical innovation sheds the limitations of ideation-first models with a step-by-step approach that manufactures difference from what already exists in the marketplace. Emphasizing repeatable, scalable, and pragmatic tools for innovation doesn't only generate radical novelty but displaces human-centered design.

A process of innovation understands that:

You Are an Agent of Change

For you will change.
Be Changed.
And change all you encounter.

Activate Active Agency

All things of this world and beyond have an active agency.
Things shape us
Tools make us.
Activate agency to unlock your creative potential

Creation Is Dynamic

And non-linear.

Everything Is a Part of a Process

Each process is an assemblage of relational parts.

There Is No Author in Creativity

Not author.
Only authorS.
These authorS dance with every thing that is a part of a network or a series of relationships.

Outcomes Are the Start, Not the Beginning

Distance yourself from projecting outcomes, dictating outcomes.
For outcomes are unknowable and thus non-novel.
And outcomes are never the end...
Only the next beginning.  

Nothing Evolves for Its Purpose

The origin of things doesn't need to be tied to a purpose
or relate to its current use.

Making Is Thinking

Making and thinking are marriage in practice.
Thinking then making are divorcés.
Ideas come later.

There's No Mcdonald's for Innovation

Innovation processes are slow.
Innovation takes time.
Create the space and time.
You'll be rewarded handsomely.  

Experiment 40x+

Innovation requires experimentation
...in great quantities
The minimum is 40X for unexpected possibilities to emerge...
The reality is that hundreds to thousands of experiments are necessary.

And Experiments

Invent their own criteria,
and worlds.
And more experiments.

Innovation Is Emergent

Creativity requires we follow it.
Follow it blindly.
Trust it.
Let it lead you...
It's wayfinding in waymaking.

Creativity Is Leadership

It is learning and teaching.
Requires we are comfortable leading ourselves and others into discomfort and open-endedness.

Creativity Is a Process

Not a free-for-all
There are processes
And processes inside of processes inside of processes.

See creativity for what it is -- a series of processes nested inside of sub-processes -- and you will generate novelty.

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