Are All Innovation Models the Same?

Are all innovation models the same?

Have we been using the same innovation model since the ancient Greeks? If so, why?

Comparison of nine Innovation models for business
Comparing 9 Innovation Business Models

The Greeks didn’t believe in creativity...

The Greeks laid out the template (based upon best practices for creating in a closed system) in four steps: Inspiration, Ideation, Planning, Making.

Today everyone from Design Thinking to The Radical Innovation Playbook follows the very same model.

The model worked for the Greeks because they did not believe in creativity.

But why are we using it if we believe and want creativity?

We continue our critical analysis of the history of how we got our modern approaches to creativity. We published an article detailing the history of creativity.

As we continue to dissect creativity we notice:

If you put every major Innovation model side by side a pattern emerges — they are all doing roughly the same thing with only a change to the first step.

Are there radically different options that are not simply “Ideate Plan Make” plus a unique something at the beginning?

Iain Kerr & I welcome your feedback and input:

What creativity models do you use and why?

Are there alternative models to creativity outside the Ideate Plan Make framework?

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