Definition of Design Thinking

What is Design Thinking?

A user-centered design strategy that is a form of developmental design. Focus is on empathizing with users and asking about their problems and needs. Steps: Empathize, Ideate, Prototype, Make.

A popularized model of various engaged and user-centered models of design, all of which have real advantages over historical models of Direct Design.

While empathizing is important, Design Thinking is not an effect method to develop disruptive or paradigmatic innovations. Additionally, by being an “ideate first” process it has all of the pitfalls of direct design in terms of developing any form of real novelty.

See: Making

Innovation is Hard

You know you need to innovate,
but no one shows you how- till now

The Innovation Design Approach is leadership's blueprint for organizational innovation. Detailing the why and how to innovate across inter-disciplinary teams using approaches, tools, and practices.